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Cadets treated to a Hercules C130J flight

On Sunday 6th May, 43 cadets and staff flew from RAF Brize Norton to Abingdon Air Show in a C130J Hercules. Although all the cadets and staff that went had an early start, with some cadets getting up as early as 0330, it was definitely worth the lack of sleep. 47 Squadron, from RAF Brize Norton, were kind enough to give us the invitation to fly with them in the first place, so special thanks to them. It should have been a 5 minute flight however it was extended to around half an hour each way so that the cadets were able to really experience and engage with their time in flight.

In addition, it meant that the cadets and staff were able to spend the day in the air show for free, being able to walk around all of the different stalls and seeing the classic cars and planes which were specially for the day. There was also some flying displays for the cadets to watch, which many in the shade of the Hercules were able to see, as well as being able to enjoy some shelter from the sun during an exceptionally hot day.

The day at Abingdon ended around 1700, with the flight back including a touch and go at Abingdon, which none of the cadets knew was going to happen, making it a special treat for them, as well as the crowds which were gathering to be able to watch the biggest attraction there take off. Finally, landing back at RAF Brize Norton at around 1830 with a quick taxi and a long journey back for some cadets, they were able to get some well deserved sleep on the way home.

By cadets of 1329 (Tetbury) Detached Flight:
Cadet Flight Sergeant C Renton
Cadet Sergeant C Larwood
Cadet E Bryan

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