South West Region

South West Region Radio Communicators Course

Cadets from South West Region have been very busy already this year. Selected over Christmas to attend the Region’s first ever Silver Communicators Course, 10 Cadets successfully gained their Silver Comms badges with 13 gaining their Foundation Licences!

Instructed by Wing Radio Officers from every Wing, they completed two modules over two weekends.

On the first weekend the core module of Air Cadet Voice Procedures was covered. Mentally taxing, our cadets successfully learned all new pro-words, how to be a Net Control Station and all about how antennas work. At the end of the first Sunday everyone had passed their practical and written exam and really did sound like professional communicators.

Just two weeks later our cadets returned to complete their second module, the Foundation Amateur Radio Licence! It took a little getting used to; chopping from the military way of speaking on a radio, to speaking on the Amateur Net… but it was certainly fun! A part of the overall assessment was to learn about Morse Code, and to use it… Dots and Dashes will never look the same to us again! Another written exam and practical test (where did the ATU plug into again…?) was required to demonstrate that we now know our stuff on High Frequency Amateur Bands.

Combined, these two modules add up to complete the syllabus for the Silver Communicator Badge. So far 10 cadets have gained their badge and more courses will be planned in South West Region soon – will you be applying?

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