South West Region

Dursley Challenge 2018

At the end of January the Wing was invited to take part in the Dursley Challenge, an event run by 649 (Dursley) Squadron. On the day, 19 squadrons, in 29 teams, took up the challenge. The aim of the challenge is to complete a 10km walk around the undulating terrain around Dursley and complete challenges on site which included a quiz and three team building exercises. There were 176 participants, 141 cadets and 35 staff, which made for a great opportunity for the them all to meet other cadets and staff in the Wing. One cadet went onto explain how they really enjoyed the atmosphere:

“everyone is chatting to each other and socialising.”

The event, organised and run by the staff and a number of cadets from 649, had been in the making for a number of months. From the IT systems designed specifically for the event to the planning of the route, many people have had involvement with the project.

On site there was a support team to ensure that the event ran smoothly and well. The efforts of the team made for a successful and enjoyable event for all.

The walk, of approximately 10 km (just over 6 miles), is well known for the amount of muddy terrain teams return with on their clothing! This year the conditions were no better and the weather wasn’t too kind making the walk that bit more challenging. The average time that it took for teams to complete the walk was 3 hours 56 minutes, however the fastest team only took 2 hours 40 minutes! On return to HQ there was food waiting which, judging from the feedback, was highly desired throughout the walk!

The winning teams for the different trophies were:

Novice Team – 93 Sqn (Team 3)

Kregie Trophy – 2322 Sqn (Team 24)

CO Cup – 1860 Sqn (Team 15)

For the results of your team, please contact your OC who has a copy of the results.

A huge congratulations to all the teams who participated and thank you to all the assistance of staff and cadets who made the event a success.

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