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Royal Air Force Air Cadets well represented at Cheltenham Festival of Remembrance

Royal Air Force Air Cadets were well represented at Gloucestershire Royal British Legion’s Festival of Remembrance at Cheltenham Town Hall.  The event was attended by HM Lord Lieutenant and other senior officials and the music was provided by the Gloucestershire Constabulary’s Band and Choir.  All the cadet forces were present including, for the first time, the Fire Service Cadets.   Cadets from 125 (Cheltenham) Squadron, 2322 (Dowty) Squadron and 2328 (Bishops Cleeve) Squadron attended with a number carrying Banners and Standards. One cadet said, “That was special and I really enjoyed the music. It was a real privilege to be asked to attend this event.”

That morning forty cadets from 2328 (Bishop’s Cleeve) Squadron paraded in Bishop’s Cleeve and in the afternoon fifteen paraded in Southam.  Gerard Pendergast, Secretary of Woodmancote and District Royal British Legion (and a former 2328 Squadron Commanding Officer) praised the Squadron’s turnout and said it provided the biggest Remembrance Parade in Bishop’s Cleeve for years.

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