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Dursley Cadet’s Strong Community Spirirt

Cadet Sergeant Joshua Rowles has been recognised by the Honourable Company of Gloucestershire for his steadfast commitment to volunteering in the community.

He has volunteered for many years both in and out of the Royal Air Force Air Cadets, starting in 2009 with the Play Gloucestershire charity, which helps young people enjoy and learn about being creative and socialising. Sgt Rowles made a huge difference to this charity by donating 600 hours of his time over the years.

His skills were further developed when he worked with a group of disabled children to give them a weekend away from home. Sgt Rowles was motivated to do this because he got so much in a personal sense from the charity.

Sgt Rowles went on to join the Scouting Organisation as well as the Air Cadets, where he has since become a huge asset.

Somehow Sgt Rowles also has time to volunteer at local schools on various projects, in the local library and with World Jungle, a local organisation committed to entertainment and providing one-off sessions at local events. For his Duke of Edinburgh Award Gold Award he volunteered to create a promotional video to help with fundraising for the Jet Age Museum.

He is now at university but returns to his Squadron to assist as an Instructor Cadet. He is a great ambassador for the Royal Air Force Air Cadets and for volunteering in general.

In short, Sgt Rowles is one of our extraordinary young people who feels he has a duty to pay actions forward by helping in local areas to inspire and push young people to try new things because they have lasting effects on their lives.

We are proud to have him as a member of 649 (Dursley) Squadron and Bristol & Gloucestershire Wing.

Photo Credit: Honourable Company of Gloucestershire

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