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Armed Forces Weekend

Over the weekend Cadets and Staff of 2196 (Trowbridge) Squadron helped out at the Wiltshire Armed Forces weekend, which took part in Trowbridge park. With the help of the squadrons civilian committee they were there recruiting new cadets and raising money for Squadron funds. On the Sunday they were joined by cadets and staff from 1995 (Bradford Upon Avon) Squadron, 1304Df (Rudloe Manor) Squadron and are very own Wing Warrant Officer WO (ATC) Alan Smith to take part in the Armed Forces parade through the town with the other cadet organisations of Trowbridge. Every single Cadet did themselves proud and Flt Ben Evans OC of 2196 (Trowbridge) Squadron had this to say ” The cadets had a very busy weekend, but despite this they enjoyed every minute. From assisting with recruitment for Squadrons around the wing to helping the committee raise funds for the squadron, they worked through the weekend with smiles on their faces”.

” The parade today was extremely successful. With assistance from cadets and staff from 1995 (Bradford Upon Avon)Sqn and 1304DF (Rudloe Manor) Sqn, the cadets made themselves and all the staff proud. A massive well done to everyone. Another succesful Armed Forces Weekend”!

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