South West Region

Cadet Rescues Dog

Congratulations all round for a team of Air Cadets who acted on initiative and were able to reunite a much beloved dog with its family. The young Labrador concerned was out for a walk with friends of the family on the Mendips on Bank Holiday Monday during which it wandered off beyond the scope of its familiar whistle which caused consternation when she didn’t return.  Some time later, after asking everyone they met to keep an eye out for her, the only people who did more than nod was Cpl Farr and his team who were on a DofE expedition in the area.  Cpl Farr and Cdt Whiting spoke in detail with the family. Farr took the families telephone number and immediately passed the word back to his superiors requesting them to remain vigilant. Some time later, the dog was spotted by Cpl Agbabi and Cpl Farr tried to catch her but she again ran off. Not daunted by the prospect of a chase, Cpl Farr used this advantage and herded the labrador in the direction of the family. Eventually Cpl Farr was able to shout to the family and the dog returned to them safely. They were very relieved to see the dog again but were even more impressed at actions of Cpl Farr and his team.  DofE is an excellent way of learning and encouraging personal development which leads youngsters to integrate more fully with the community.

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