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QAIC 7 now formally underway

QAIC 7 is now formally underway with it's first weekend of lectures being undertaken at MoD Boscombe Down. The twenty cadets who have been selected have undertaken a weekend crammed with Flight & Air Traffic Simulation, Instructional Techniques, Aerodynamics, Pilot studies and Leadership & Teamwork studies. The cadets are like sponges - absorbing information noted Flt Sgt Foxhall, who is the Lead on Flight Simulator. There are a number of previous students (QAIs) who assist on the course. They are overseen by QAI Cards (CWO O'Hara - Yeovil Squadron). QAI Fiesta (Cdt Flt Sgt Matilda Parry - 2152 North Bristol Squadron) said "The new students are impressive in their knowledge base." If you would like to know more please fill out the contact form linked to this post.

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