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RAF Photographic Competition 2014 – Open to ACO Adults and Cadets

ALL ACO ADULTS and CADETS - HAVE A GO ! The RAF competition is open to YOU, one of the hundreds in the ACO who are enthusiastic photographers Full competition rules are available on the ACO web site at ...... Some highlights from the rules: CLOSING DATE for entries is 25 JULY 2014. ACO staff  (uniformed, civilian/ service instructors, civilian committee members) and cadets will qualify as either professional photographers (relatively few of us) or amateur photographers - most of us! There are specific categories appropriate to amateur ACO adults and cadets: Category G - The Open Video Category -0pen to all. Entries should reflect the RAF Experience and can include operations as well as training in support of operations. Imagery can be recorded on any format but must be outputted to DVD in MPEG4 format and last no more than 3 minutes in duration. A full range of video craft including audio is encouraged; however, copyrighted music is not to be used. Personnel are permitted to enter 1 submission only. Category I - The Amateur Military Category - amateurs only as defined at para 2 .... and see Category J below. A single photograph with an RAF theme. Personnel may enter a total of 5 separate single prints in this category. Category J - The Air Training Corps and Combined Cadet Force Category - open solely to the CADET MEMBERS of the ATC and CCF. A single photograph to depict ATC or CCF activities which in the eyes of the judges would best represent these organisations in the media. Personnel may enter a total of 5 separate single prints in this category. Cadets entering the national ACO Competition may also enter this category. Adult volunteers wishing to enter the RAF Photographic Competition should note that their entries should be made under Category I. Bear in mind that all entries are considered for ............ Category K - The RAF Public Relations Image of the Year - open to all. Open to all. Personnel do not enter this category specifically as it is judged from the totality of entries. The judges select one image which, in their opinion, best promotes the image and reputation of the Service, showing highly skilled personnel using world-class equipment in support of operations. A direct link to the Service should be evident eg. Visibility of rank slide or other RAF insignia. Personnel do not specifically enter this category. 1 Only images that have not been digitally enhanced can be considered for this category – refer to para 9. Note also: Closing date for entries is 25 July 2014. Entries must have been taken in the period 01 August 2013 to 18 July 2014. ACO entries may be submitted in digital format (16 inches long, 300 dpi) - please read the rules closely on this matter! YOU WILL NEVER KNOW UNLESS YOU HAVE A GO! HQAC#RAF~PhotoComp~Yrto19Jul14~9033A#PhilipJones20May14             Ends

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