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Cadets and staff develop first aid skills

On 15th March 2013 three Cadets from 1391 Squadron and three staff took part in the First Aid at Work Course at Fort Blockhouse, Gosport.

The Cadets and Staff arrived at Fort Blockhouse at 7:00PM on Friday ready for a packed night of first aid training which would continue over the weekend.

Many Cadets on the course were very tired during the second day but a few exercises run by Warrant Officer Drew soon woke them up ready for another packed day of First Aid Training.

The Cadets and staff learnt how to put people into recovery positions, how to do CPR and how to deal with serious wounds and bandages them.

During the second day of the course Wing Commander Priest visited the classroom and listened in for a hour and spoke to some of the cadets which was a real treat. He looked very interested in the lesson and also commented about some of his own experiences.

The last day of the course led to the cadets and staff showing the skills and knowledge they had learnt over the past two days to pass the course and earn themselves a Certificate and a badge for the cadets.

We started with a simple 20 question test which was relatively easy and tested us on the knowledge we had learnt which everyone passed with flying colours.

Afterwards, we were tested on our practical and decision making with three different casualties. The first casualty was unconscious but breathing and had to be placed into a recovery position, the next was unconscious and not breathing requiring CPR. Lastly, we had to bandage and elevate a deep wound using a sling; this demonstrated all of the key skills learned over the weekend.

The Course was really good fun and relaxed and left the Cadets and staff with many good experiences that they will take away from this event.

The Cadets summed the course up as "A brilliant weekend with lots of knowledge which will stay with us for the rest of our lives", and added that "it built on the skills we had learned for our HeartStart awards with Flying Officer Hartle".

The Cadets and Staff ventured back home towards 1391 Squadron with high spirits and would recommend the course to anyone who wants to learn more about first aid and the knowledge it gives you.

Thanks to the Staff and Assessors at the course which made the whole event go ahead.

Cdt Cooper
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