South West Region

Successful Training Weekend

At the begining of December a multicourse weekend was run for staff and cadets from across the Wing.

A total of four courses took place at Fort Blockhouse, home of 1098 (Gosport) Squadron. Four candidates spent the weekend starting their preperation for uniformed service with the ATC by completeing the Pre-Uniformed Service Course; a Wing rerquirement for those planning to go into uniform. This included drill, interview advice and the chance to understand a little about the organisation they are joining.

They were joined by a futher five staff candidates who attended the Adult Methods of Instruction Course designed to help them deliver exciting and dynamic lessons and briefings to cadets.

On the Sunday they were joined by a further sixteen members of staff who are just starting their Air Cadet experience by undertaking the Wing Induction Course (WIC). This day is designed to deliver the BASIC course and included presentations on child safeguarding, duty of care and life in the ATC for adults.

As well as the twenty five staff undertaking training twenty six cadets who are approaching their 18th birthday attended the Staff Cadet Course. This delivers similar topics to the WIC and spends time pointing out to these soon to be adults the change in their status within the ATC.

All the courses had the opertunity to speak to Wing Commander Peter Priest who spoke to all about the ATC and especially Hanpshire and Isle of Wight Wing. He also answered questions from the candidates and took the opertunity to introduce the Staff Cadets to the new Wing Exibition and Simulator Trailer which will be available to Squadrons next year.

Squadron Leader Joss Whalvin, the Wing Training Officer said "This was an excellent weekend that gave the opportunity for a lot of staff and cadets to complete some of the ATC's required training. I have some excellent trainers and I know that those that attended will have benefitted from both the formal elements of the training and the interaction with others in a similar position to theirs."

The next round of training courses is planned for the weekend of the 23 March 2013. Details will be publiushed in due course.
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