South West Region

End of an era

Aldershot cadets said goodbye for the last time to their .303 Drill Purpose (DP) rifles in December. The new L98 DP - its proper designation being L103A2 DP Rifle, have now been issued. So the venerable .303 Lee Enfields DPs are being withdrawn from the ATC across the whole country.

The .303 had a long service with UK and many other forces across the world. The version of the .303 issued to the ATC was first introduced in the Second World War. Paper work at 413 Aldershot Squadron showed theirs were on Sqn inventory in 1963. 46 years service, not bad!

So 413 Cadets did their last hands on session with the .303 and then they were sent off to RAF Odiham, probably to be melted down for scrap. Sadly, there are not enough L103A2 DP Rifles go to issued to every Squadron. But with the shooting staff now trained for the new DP it is hoped to have cadets training on them soon.

The picture shows cadets during their last hands on training session with the .303 DP rifle.
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